No 19 Villa


From concept to creation, every detail meticulously curated: witness our architectural marvel, a luxurious and minimalist villa in Mosha, born from a vision, shaped by innovation, and inspired by the beauty of Damavand in Iran

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Experience the perfect blend of innovative design and functionality at our versatile building, featuring a double skin facade, a spacious void, and equal parking and other spaces

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Jolfa CityCenter


Designing and constructing a modern commercial office building in the Aras Free Trade Zone.

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Petro Iran Kish Office


Elevate Your Workspace in the Heart of Urban Greenery - The Modern Oasis for Sustainable Livingopposite sides. Your dream home awaits

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ARAS RiverSide

Mixed-Use Buildings

Immerse yourself in the art of architectural innovation at our building complex in Jolfa. Every detail meticulously crafted, every space thoughtfully designed to inspire and elevate your experience. Welcome to a place where design meets perfection

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Mixed-Use Buildings

"Experience the Future at Top Island Mixed-Use: Where Modern Design Meets Sustainability!"

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